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Portrait Fees are per subject and do not vary much with SIZE of painting.

Please contact studio for fees & for more info on commissioning a portrait.

Not currently accepting commissions. 











Additional portrait fees

For ¾ view, which includes hands, add 25%

Full length view which includes hands & feet, add 50%

For detailed background add up to 50%


Portrait Deposit required


Weekly Class Fees


Monthly Fee    $80            

Drop in Fee      $25                   









Missed Classes - If you miss a class, no refunds will be given, however you may make up any missed class at another class time, provided you call in advance for availability.  There are several months through the year that have 5 weeks, which will cover any holidays or other days that the studio may be closed. You will always be notified of closure



​If I Cancel:

​In the unlikely event that I need to cancel a workshop, all fees that have been collected will be refunded. 

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