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If I could ONLY BUY 5 Brushes...

Master's Choice Mongoose LONG Flats

This is the magic unicorn brush that Casey Baugh turned me on to. It is fabulous for working wet into wet and softening. Can't find anything like it here in U.S. Must order from Rosemary.

Screen Shot 2015-12-12 at 6.11.03 PM

should be about 1/2 inch long to use as a good signature brush. These are easy to find.

Ivory Filberts from Rosemary & Co.

Similar to a hog's hair bristle but not as aggressive and has a good spring. Other synthetic filberts may work. I like #4

Goat's Hair Mop

Small and large. I also like tiny soft brushes that act as mops for softening detailed small areas. You can find these at area art stores, not necessary to order from Rosemary but theirs are nice!

Kolinsky Sable Filbert #4 or #6

I love this brush for details and working on portraits. Rosemary is the only place I have found this great quality.

Art Books I LOVE...

The Art Spirit

By Robert Henri LOVE the inspiration in this book.

123 draw

Start with the simplest shapes and children's books are so perfect!!

:lessons in Classical Drawing

by Juliette Aristides - I LOVE this book!! It is the graduate book for drawing. You will love it too! Also comes with an instructional DVD. Fabulous deal!!

Winston Churchill painting as a pastime bookcover

So inspirational!!! You must is a 15 minute read!!

How to Keep a Sketchbook Journal
Complete book of drawing

I have found some of the illustrations from this book to be very helpful!!

the drawing bible

I often have requests for suggested supplies. Here are a few that I have tried & found to be sound & of good quality. Some have links to order.

Plaza Art in Nashville has most of my supplies & will match competitors.

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Also see tips with each product!

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