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Weekly Class instructional segments in each class

New classes forming MARCH 2024
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Artists will be working at their own pace on individual projects in Oil, Acrylic, Pastel, Charcoal, Pencil, Pen & Ink or Colored Pencil. You may bring your own reference material, use studio reference books or still life arrangements set up in class. I encourage students to keep a notebook of photos and images they come across in order to always have material ready to begin with. I will organize workshops occasionally with a live model to work from life and encourage students to work from life as much as possible. I will give individual instruction at each easel, rotating around the classroom. I will occasionally stop for a 5 to 10 minute demonstration or video and will notify you of special workshops and other related art events.

Beginner to advanced levels accepted, from hobbyist to career oriented artists will be spurred on to their highest potential. 

Christy Pilkinton, Art Classes in Nashville, Portraits in Nashville
Tuesdays 9:30 to 12:30 & 5:30 to 8:30 pm

Madison Studio

Thursdays 10 to 2

Gallatin Studio

Fees: $80 month (4 weeks) or $25 weekly

Cancellation Policy:
If I cancel a class due to illness or vacation, you will not be charged for the class. If you miss class, no refunds will be given, however you may make up any missed class at another class time, provided you call in advance for availability. (ex. If you miss your class you can make up on another class day or time just call or text to schedule)


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