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Denise K.

Your purposefulness of what you have created in that studio has made just what you call it, "a safe place". I grew up the old way and all of that isnt bad but it sure did leave me lacking in the confidence department. You made it possible for a person with all the quirks I have to find a safe place to grow and develop. I love that learning never ends, there is always something new to do, a little higher to climb. Yes, you have taught me art but you have taught me things so much more valuable and it never gets old. I am thankful for the beautiful gift of teaching you've been given, you teach with such gentleness and generosity, it's a beautiful thing to watch and even more wonderful to experience! Thank you!

Teresa S.

Thank you so much for teaching me so very much.   When I got home and placed the painting on the easel the grandkids were here and they both said WOW the water is amazing!


I so enjoy class and am learning so much - just wanted you to know!

Angela S

When Autumn  began coming to your class, there was no doubt that she would

be taught art but more important was what she would experience spiritually. You may not speak a sermon when your students are present, but the 

peace that is present when walking in your door sets the heart for what may be 

received. The things you speak, are in love and gentleness.   


This mama's heart can not say thank you enough, for the love you share with Autumn. 

Tonja R.

I just wanted to thank for the last two weeks.  Emma is SSOO EXCITED. When I woke up this morning, she surprised me with a self portrait.  She did it during the night...:)  She was explaining to me about "warm colors" and said that is why she gave it a blue background..:)  She's learned so much already.  Thank you!!

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